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Bird Control - Sonic Net Tests for the Air Force Academy Runway in Colorado

In September, Flock Free Bird Control and Midstream Technology set up a Sonic Net trial for the Air Force Academy Runway in Ellicott, CO. This runway is in the middle of the prairie and birds number in the thousands. As you drive to the location you see flock after flock of various species but the primary culprit seems to be horned larks.

These birds are scattered all over the area but primarily congregate on the runway. It is my assumption that the birds are eating pieces of grasshoppers (there are millions of them) chopped up by the planes leaving a grasshopper buffet on the asphalt.

The photo below shows the small portion of the north end of the runway blanked by the sonic net. The area affected by the net after measuring the sound levels is approximately from the fence (shown) on the north side to half way from the lower line of speakers to the runway.

A solar generator and operating computer are set up on the NW edge of the fence line with two wires four inches under the turf running to two lines of speakers; one line (W to E) 250 ft from N fence, and another line 325 ft, which should be about 500 ft from leading edge of runway. 

None of the speakers are within 50 ft of the runway flight path.  Speakers are 24" above the ground and anchored with a steel post that is at ground level, but with an orange painted PVC tube extending up in the air so that if a mower or anything else hits it will immediately snap. 

The video below shows the sonic net in operation. Unfortunately, the wind was strong and drowned out the narration. The hissing sound is the sonic net sound card playing the white noise that drowns out the animal’s ability to communicate. The tone you hear and the voice later in the video are inserted into the sound file to identify this as sonic nets rather than someone thinking there may be a problem like a gas leak.

We hope to demonstrate a significant reduction of Horned Larks in the test area as well as showing additional effects on Antelope, Fox and Rabbits. Red Tailed Hawks are also a concern and Sonic Nets are hoping to secure a field trial showing results on bird of prey in the near future.