A/C HVAV Riser Netting System


Keep birds from nesting under, around and on top of AC HVAC systems.
We developed this system because traditional bird control processes physically attach control devices directly to the AC unit making maintenance difficult. We spoke with AC professionals who expressed a desire for a system which allows them to service the units and keep damaging birds out.
To replace a rooftop system can easily run in excess of $10,000 making this system a great value.  

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AC Riser is adjustable in height and width.

Mounts to units using high strength magnets.

The system uses a heavy chain to secure the netting to the rooftop.*

The system consists of AC Riser, 4 poles with balls, 4 extension poles, 1 25x25 2" net and 1 bag of zip ties.


*Chain sold separately. *Flock Reflector no longer available

Deterrent Type Netting
Coverage Typical AC Unit
Dimensions Adjustable