M14-1 Propane Sound Cannon Only - BIRD CONTROL - FLOCK FREE

Compact, rugged, and advanced, the Sonic Sentinel Model 14-1 propane-fueled sound cannon provides a comprehensive list of easy to use features in one integrated solution —such as solar charging, electronic ignition and timer, a collapsible tripod, and all-weather durability. Unlike competing products that lack features or require costly add-ons to be effective, the Model 14-1 is ready to meet your agricultural bird control needs right out of the box!

At Sonic Sentinel, we also understand that the key to preventing wildlife from eventually acclimating to sonic deterrents is to utilize effective detection and direct response. Instead of solely relying upon timed detonations, we offer an unprecedented range of sophisticated motion detection, sound recognition, and radio activation modules.

Model 14-1 Sound Cannon Features & Specifications

  • Effectively and humanely repels birds and other wildlife with 130dB sonic blasts
  • Propane-fueled with an efficient, accurate, and reliable electronic ignition and adjustable timer
  • Includes 8Ah SLA battery and high-output solar charge system with battery conditioning
  • Includes separate, heavy duty, collapsible, elevating tripod
  • Compatible with Sonic Sentinel's portfolio of motion and radio activation modules

Optional Accessories - Although the Sonic Sentinel Model 14-1 is impressively equipped by default, we offer several accessories to further augment its capabilities and ease of use (select desired accessories at right):

  • Collapsible Tripod- Our heavy duty, collapsible tripod stands 36 inches tall, and includes a stainless steel clamp to secure your Model 14-1 cannon and 3 hooks to support a standard 20lb propane tank.
  • 360° Rotating Tripod - Our 360° rotating tripod for the Model 14-1 cannon provides coverage over a larger area by rotating the cannon ~30° every time it fires. Just like our standard tripod, it's constructed from durable, corrosion-resistant metals, is collapsible, and includes 3 hooks to support a standard 20lb propane tank (replaces standard tripod if selected). 
  • Tripod Extension (24in) - Elevate the Model 14-1 cannon above tall vegetation or other obstacles by using up to two of our tripod extension kits. Each kit increases leg length by 24 inches, and cannon height by 20.75 inches. 
  • Tripod Feet (Set of 3) - Made from corrosion-resistant aluminum to support the Model 14-1 cannon on loose or soft surfaces such as ice, mud, sand, gravel, etc. Includes 3 removable feet that easily attach to your existing M14-1 tripod using the 6mm hex wrench included with the Model 14-1. Can also be used in conjunction with our Tripod Extension Kit. 
  • Nighttime Deactivation- The Model 14-1 can be equipped with a nighttime deactivation switch to disable the cannon from sundown to sunup. This capability may be desirable to preserve fuel if the nighttime operation is not necessary or to comply with local noise ordinances. If so equipped, the nighttime deactivation function can be enabled/disabled via an included toggle switch. Select the desired option at right. 
  • Programmable Timer- Our Programmable Timer accessory allows you to control the days of the week and hours of the day that the Model 14-1 will operate with 17 unique, programmable schedules. By default, the Model 14-1 is active 24 hours a day (unless equipped with the below Nighttime Deactivation accessory). This accessory utilizes the Model 14-1's module expansion bay, and cannot be used in conjunction with other modules or accessories that also require the use of the expansion bay. 
  • Battery Charger (12VDC)- Use our 12 Volt DC trickle charger to keep the battery of your Model 14-1 charged when not in use, or to recharge the battery when used in areas that do not provide sufficient sunlight for solar charging.

Note: The pictured propane tank is not included. The Sonic Sentinel Model 14-1 is compatible with standard OPD equipped 20lb or 35lb pre-filled propane tanks, which should be available locally in most areas.