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Shock Tape Dispenser With Solar Charger

Flock Free

Price $153.00

Product Details

The Shock Tape Dispenser was created to protect windowsills, balcony railings or other small surfaces that need protection part-time.

PCO's can use this product when they need to react quickly for a customer.
Residential use is an easy DIY solution.

Can be used for up to 12 feet and you have many options of how to mount charger to surfaces.

Install on balcony or windowsill, pull out Shock Tape and push button in.

Operated by solar or 110 power.

Great for protecting balconies while the homeowner is away.

Great for windowsills in shaded areas.

Low voltage shock is not harmful to birds.

Deterrent Type Shock System
Coverage 12 feet (retractable)
Dimensions 4" x 5.5" x 4"
Weight 2 lbs
Power Solar or 110-volt charger
Installation Pull out and secure with tie straps or velcro
Warranty 1 year

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