Mini Solar Misting System


Mini Solar Misting System is a great solution for those who would like to protect the yard or business against birds or mosquitos quickly, effortlessly and affordably.

Just put the main unit under the sunlight, hang the misting hose along the surface you’d like to protect and fill the tank with diluted Flock Free Tank Mix Bird Repellent or Flock Free Mosquito Spray Repellent.
The system will automatically spray the solution according to the program, alleviating the need to spray it manually. If needed, you can initiate misting in between set sprays using the remote control.

Easily hangs from the edge of a roof, branches, around the deck or anywhere else you need it.
Great for spot or pop-up applications such as parties or gatherings to protect them against mosquitos as well as for protecting crops against birds.
Does not require a power supply.

Weight: 55 lbs
Size of the main unit: 25" x 15" x 8"
Length of the misting hose: 50 ft.

Requires very little maintenance.
Before the winter time, just drain the tank and the misting lines and put the system in standby mode.