Flock Free Bird Control is one of the leading nationwide providers of bird control services with 15+ years of experience in the humane removal of pigeons, geese, seagulls, sparrows, starlings, swallows, turkey vultures, woodpeckers, crows, jackdaws, magpies, ducks, and other birds from commercial, residential, and agricultural properties.


Are you a pest control operator? Here is how we can help you:


1. Subcontracting.

We install netting, Flightline, spikes, and other passive and active bird control systems and devices.
Our teams are available nationwide, including for emergency calls. We do the job right, avoiding all mistakes common for inexperienced installers.
We make your customers happy.

2. Consulting and training for you and your staff.

* Birds are different from other pests. They are very smart and extremely mobile. You drive them away, and they are back the next day.
We know many tricks on how to really keep the birds out of your clients’ properties, and we can teach you and your employees.

* Installation of bird nets and bird control devices requires taking hundreds of details into consideration.
This is extremely important because just one mistake at the installation can make the whole job useless – we’ve seen this many times when customers asked us to redo someone’s wrong job.
Good news: we know all ins and outs, and we are happy to teach your teams how to use bird control measures right to achieve maximum efficiency.

* Each property is different and so are bird issues.
We can help you to correctly evaluate the problem and advise which bird deterrents will work in each particular case, so you could provide your customers with the right estimates.

3. Supply of bird control products and systems.

We have over 250 highly-efficient bird control products for every situation, most of which are our own. We develop and make bird deterrents for over 15 years.

We have high-quality bird nets, spikes, shock systems, physical barriers, unique white-sound deterrents, natural non-toxic repellents, electromagnetic deterrents, and many other products you may need.

All our products have been tested in hundreds of applications over the years. So, you can be sure that the bird deterrents which you buy from us will do the work right when used as directed.

Why we?

- 15+ years of experience in commercial and residential bird control projects.

- Over 3000 locations served – from residential homes and small family-owned restaurants to huge nationwide retail chains and industrial complexes.

- More than 250 efficient bird control products and proven unique solutions.

- Trained teams available nationwide quickly.

- Great customer service, convenient online ordering, and quick shipping (most of the orders are shipped the same or next business day).

- Special pricing for pest control professionals. We want to help you to earn great money and do this again and again for years.


If your customers have issues with birds, fill out the form below, and we’ll find a solution for you.