At Flock Free Bird Control, we:

  •  Sell high-quality bird netting in various dimensions, colors, and cell sizes;
  •  Install netting nationwide with our highly-experienced teams at various types of commercial properties – from retail stores to stadiums and airports;

  •  Train pest control operators how to install the netting correctly and how to avoid critical mistakes;

  • Dispatch teams to remove, repair or reinstall previously installed netting for LED projects, painting, fire suppression work or the like which requires netting to be moved for project work.

Netting was, is, and will always be one of the best physical barriers helping to keep birds out of the areas you’d like to protect.

Bird netting is an important part of bird control when you want to protect large areas in retail stores, warehouses, barns, factories, and stadiums.

Installing netting under a ceiling or canopy prevents birds from landing and nesting on beams, pipes, lamps, and other structures under the roof.

Because it is convenient and effective bird netting is commonly used by pest control operators however not every net is created equal, and in many cases, there are some issues that lead to a crucial decrease in the effectiveness of protection and even the death of birds.

When you use a poor-quality net, you often have to do double the work because cheap netting stretches and breaks quickly. Sometimes it happens after one year or even after a few months after the installation. Netting repairs are not easy and become more difficult when working with a poor quality net which cannot withstand stretching & cutting.

Also, installing bird netting requires skills and experience. Without it, you can find yourself in the situation when birds come under the nets through gaps and can’t get out, dying there. An entire netting job can be ruined when you have to replace a lamp or an air conditioning unit if you did not install it properly.


The most common mistakes in the installation of netting are:

  • Leaving holes and gaps allowing the birds to penetrate into the protected space. Big holes make netting useless because birds easily get inside and live there. Small gaps are even more dangerous because birds get inside the netting and can’t find their way out. In this situation, the birds can die and stay inside the nets.

  • Insufficient tension of the netting. After some time, the netting gets lower under its own weight and opens the gaps near the walls, beams, and engineering systems. This brings the same consequences as leaving holes in nets.

  • Not leaving technological holes (zip-locked) for access to engineering and electrical systems. At the first repair, workers damage the netting to get to the repair site and it is impossible to restore it. This leads to the necessity of huge additional investments to reinstall the netting.

There are hundreds of small details that must be taken into consideration if you want your netting to be installed properly and work effectively for years.

How Flock Free can help you?

1. We sell high-quality netting materials and hardware for installation.
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2. We install netting at commercial property nationwide. Our trained teams have a many-years of experience in installing bird netting in retail stores, restaurants, plants, factories, grain mills, barns, farms, stadiums, warehouses, airports, etc.
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3. We train pest control operators in our training center (Flock Free University TM) in Lakewood, NJ.
Would you like your teams to learn how to install the netting properly and avoid mistakes?
Would you like your customers to be fully satisfied and avoid warranty repairs of netting?
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4. Do you have existing netting that needs to be removed for a painting project, the addition of LED lights or fire suppression work?  Is your previously installed netting in need of repairs?  Not only can we do brand new installs we are available to assist with netting repairs and/or the removal & reinstall of netting for project work.  
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