Why repel birds?

Let’s make it clear from the very beginning: we love birds and never harm them.
At the same time, when too many birds interfere with your home, farm or restaurant they can become very annoying and even dangerous.
Our mission is to help you humanely drive nuisance birds away from your property in an efficient, affordable way which is safe for both you and birds.  


You may want to repel birds because of:

1. Droppings/Debris.
When your house, deck, backyard or boat becomes contaminated with bird feathers, leftover seed/shells or droppings it can look untidy & disgusting.  If you’ve ever had a flock of geese taking rest on your property, you are all too familiar with the damage they cause.

2. Diseases.
Birds are carriers of dangerous diseases and mites: both their own and human. Ornithosis, avian flu, salmonellosis, yersiniosis, campylobacteriosis, Newcastle disease, a variety of allergies, encephalitis, tuberculosis – this is not a complete list of the diseases being carried by birds.

3. Damage.
Birds need food and shelter and they won’t stop at anything to find it. They will consume crops in your garden, field and shed rendering what is left behind damaged and polluted.
They can also cause physical damage to your property.  We’ve seen Woodpeckers gouge out holes in walls and sparrows destroy insulation and tear apart decorative wreaths to make their nests.


How to drive the annoying birds away?

Birds are smart, extremely mobile and very persistent. If birds have food and a place where they feel safe – they always return there.

To effectively drive birds away you MUST:

  • 1. Remove access to food and places for nesting.
  • 2. Create an uncomfortable environment, providing permanent pressure.
  • 3. Train the birds to associate the uncomfortable environment with the need to leave: “It’s dangerous here! Fly away!”

Doing this, you have to keep in mind:

1. There is no “one and only” ultimate universal solution that works for all species of birds in all situations. Each situation and species of birds requires a select set of solutions. Implementing a combination of deterrents and experimenting with various options is the best way to gain results.

2. There are no quick wins in this struggle. This is a long and slow battle where it is important to consistently apply the right tools.

3. Set your goal to decrease the population to the acceptable level instead of full elimination of the birds, creating conditions where they would feel uncomfortable to stay in the protected area.

4. Keep permanent pressure on the birds. It will take time to drive the birds away. Maybe weeks or months. The birds are persistent and you need to be too. It takes effort to decrease the population of birds on your property but if you do it correctly and consistently, it will work.


We are here to help you – we have experience & products!

1. Tank Mix.
Use for all types of birds. Irritates birds when they touch the treated surface.
Dilute with water according to directions and spray on the surfaces you’d like to protect using any manual, electric or mechanical sprayer. Repeat weekly for the first 4 weeks, then once per 2-4 weeks, as needed.

Buy Tank Mix here.

2. Universal Adjustable Spikes.
Use to prevent the birds from sitting or nesting on your roof, under canopies and on other surfaces.
Adjustable to fit the size of birds you have an issue with. Just install on the surface you’d like to protect using screws, nails or glue.
The spikes work for a limited surface but they are great when you need to repel birds from a particular place such as a beam or under a canopy.

Buy Universal Spikes here.

3. Surface Protecting Products: Surface Pro Tack ("Liquid Spikes") + UV-Paint Dauber.
Use indoors or outdoors on surfaces free from direct sunlight to prevent birds from landing where treated.  (In areas with direct sunlight, use Universal Spikes or Shock Tape instead).

Surface Pro Tack creates a tacky surface which is very uncomfortable for birds but can't actually trap a bird or cause any harm.
Apply dots of UV-Paint on the surface before applying Surface Pro Tack for increased effect - birds don't like novelty objects and avoid UV-Paint when they see it.

Buy Surface Pro Tack here.

Buy UV-Paint Daubers here.

4. Scent Pucks.
Use within small enclosed spaces such as dumpsters or sheds. A great alternative when the use of Tank Mix spray isn’t possible. Works on pigeons, sparrows, magpies, starlings, swallows and many more.
Just open the lid and place the puck wherever you’d like to.
The Scent Pucks evaporate naturally and release a grape fragrance pleasant to humans. However, when inhaled by birds, it creates an unpleasant feeling (something like dizziness) making them feel uncomfortable and leave the area.

Buy Scent Pucks here.

5. Vulture Effigy.
Designed to drive vultures out of your property. It imitates a dead bird and may be hung anywhere vultures are spotted.
The effigy moves with the wind and creates a frightening, realistic image that keeps turkey vultures away of your land.

Buy Vulture Effigy here.

Would you like to know more?

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