Apartment complexes and property managers are in desperate need of effective bird management.

The key point in controlling birds is keeping permanent pressure on them. Stressed birds are unhappy birds and unhappy birds look for other places to live. It's that simple.

Keep in mind the only way to move birds from their home is to apply stress at a level that is higher than their desire to be there.

No matter if the bird control program is done in-house or by a professional pest control operator, an Integrated Bird Control program needs to be well thought-out in advance.

Below is Flock Free Bird Control's 6 step Integrated Bird Control program or IBC:

Evaluate Variables
Target birds, population levels, nesting or loafing, size of project, difficulty, solutions.

Preventive Measures
Remove or reduce issues such as existing food and water sources if possible.

Clean Up and Sanitize
Thoroughly clean and sanitize area affected areas.
This step is very important because bird droppings, feathers, and garbage left by birds contain pheromones that attract other birds. You need to thoroughly clean the area to increase the effectiveness of bird control measures.

Implement control methods
Install multi-dimensional pain/consequence program.

Find any weakness in initial program and refine while monitoring population reduction.

Follow-up Services
Determine the frequency of follow-up services – Usually based on area bird pressure and sensitivity of facility needs or audit requirements.


Bird control should not be thought of as a one-time event since birds always come back. Birds are much smarter than roaches or rodents and these pests always have frequent services. Bird control needs to be thought of the same way.

Here is the opportunity to make the point by asking a question: Why are bird problems in this environment expected to be “solved” with a single one-time service when birds are the most difficult pest problem to solve for various reasons, i.e. they are smart, they fly and they become residents?

Taking this argument to the logical next level, bird “solutions” require effective “programs” to bring them under “control”. Due to the same factors listed above, birds are never to be eradicated or eliminated – they are to be controlled to levels that mitigate risk and damage.

Initial services are probably going to require some traditional bird control methods such as post and wire Flightline on ledges or maybe some netting to areas that need excluding after proper clean up methods are achieved. In this article, we want to explain some additional items that will continue to keep up the pressure on the birds and train them to reside elsewhere.

Remember, there is no a magic bullet for controlling bird population and the combination of control methods to keep pressure on birds is the most effective. Each particular case may require its specific combination, and we are glad to find the best solution for your specific problem.

AC/HVAC Covers
These prevent birds from living and nesting under roof top units while allowing AC service people to perform proper maintenance.

Tank Mix Bird Repellent
Tank Mix is a liquid natural-based, non-toxic bird repellent that is annoying to birds and can be easily sprayed on building ledges, balconies, trees, shrubs, and other places birds are landing on. This is the most universal solution for most cases and an integral part of our bird control programs.

UV Paints and Gels
Birds can see in ultraviolet part of the spectrum, so it’s possible to have birds associate the discomfort of a control measure with the UV-Paint that’s introduced. An example would be to dot UV-Paint where a Shock Tape or Gel application is placed. After a bird gets a few unpleasant impressions, it will associate the UV with the danger.

Flock Free Hazers
Flock Free Bird Control has designed and manufactures automatic hazers and misting systems for fully-automated hassle-free bird control programs. They allow you to apply Tank Mix solution at your property regularly without any attention from you or any involvement of your employees reducing the labor costs.


Shock Systems
Great for ledges and edges of the roofs as an alternative to spikes or as a stand-alone protection. This systems produce a very sensible but harmless electric shock when a bird touches the wire or a contact of Shock Tape. Birds remember the shock forever but it can't actually kill them.

We recommend to use shock systems together with UV-Paint, so the birds will learn to keep away of the areas marked with UV-Paint to avoid unpleasant shocks.


Universal Spikes and/or Surface Pro Tack
Used for protecting surfaces from birds landing on them or sitting on them.

Universal Adjustable Spikes are high-quality bird spikes made with heavy-duty plastic and stainless steel. They have a variable width and can be adjusted from 1 inch to 8 inches, depending the width of the surface and the size of the target birds.They eliminate necessity to use and store spikes of several different sizes.

Surface Pro Tack (also known as "Liquid Spikes") is a liquid plastic which becomes tacky when it dries. Birds hate sticky feeling because they afraid of being trapped, and they keep away from the treated surface. At the same time, the glues is not strong enough to actually catch a bird, so it's safe for the birds. This solution may be used as an alternative to bird spikes or together with the spikes for increased effectiveness and can be easily applied to virtually any surface with a simple paint brush or a roller. For the best results, apply a layer of UV-Paint before applying the Surface Pro Tack.


Flock Free Bird Control offers many more products that help solve bird control problems for your unique site. 

Follow-up services, whether weekly, twice monthly, or monthly should always have the same goal – keep the stress on the birds. Figure out the areas where the birds are most active or problematic and go after the hot-spots.

Apply the Gel and UV-Paint on the ledges and resting areas and spray Tank Mix on structures, trees, shrubs, dumpsters, and all areas where you see the bird activity.

Just stay on top of the birds and stress them, beginning with the areas of highest activity/sensitivity and work down the line until the problem is solved.

Over some time, you will see a strong decline in bird populations.

As always, we are willing to answer all questions you may have. Contact Us

Written by Tom Kaps

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