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Birds cause millions of dollars in commercial property damage every year – and the mess they leave behind costs billions more in lost revenue. Birds can threaten the health of your employees and turn customers away. Needless to say, the damage that birds cause to farms, vineyards, and orchards leads farmers with the bitter feeling from birds eating crops and fruits which leads to lost revenue.

Flock Free Bird Control Systems and Services Is a Commercial Bird Control Specialist

At Flock Free Bird Control, we are experts in affordable and effective bird control for commercial properties. Our goal is to develop a comprehensive bird control solution that leaves you free to focus on other aspects of managing your business.

For many years we have been serving commercial customers and we understand the needs of large, multi-site organizations.

We Provide :

One point of contact for corporate staff, with a local project manager for every site;

Customized solutions by site;

“Start to finish” service – all aspects of installation and cleanup, including electrical hardwiring and ongoing equipment service;

Consistent quality and service delivery;

Program pre-approval at the corporate level, ensuring store-level compliance with no hassle for managers;

Bird control programs specifically designed to avoid negatively impacting store operations and the customer experience

A detailed database documenting site projects for review by corporate managers.

Our Services Include :

Evaluation of a site to find the best solution applicable and most effective for each exact location;

Installation of bird control products and solutions including preparation;

Nest removal & sealing off areas to prevent future nesting;

Installation of hazers, shock tape, beam clip, spikes, netting, gel & UV paint, flite-line, Flock Reflectors, and other products;

Cleaning of the property affected by bird droppings;

Maintenance and scheduled refilling of bird control machines and products;

Training your employees on working with bird control solutions to reach the best long-term results.

A Unique Approach:

Drawing from years of experience in commercial bird control, we have developed our own patent-pending technologies and products that humanely repel birds without harming animals, your facilities or the environment.

Our Product Range Includes :

A variety of bird control hazers;

Spikes, including our unique invention – variable width spikes;

Sound wildlife deterrents

Visual bird deterrents;

Liquid products for bird deterrence and for cleaning;


Shock systems, harmless for birds, yet highly effective;

Fliteline products;

Multifunctional autonomous robots for bird control and outdoor security;

And many more.

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National Reach, Individual Service

We serve locations across the United States and North America. You have one point of contact nationally, so you have access to information and assistance with one phone call. Whether you need photographs from our extensive database of information on every site we manage or ongoing strategies to deter even the most stubborn birds, Flock Free will continue to work to ensure that your bird problems are addressed now and in the future.

Our job is not complete until your bird control issues are resolved.