Integrated Bird Control – IBC - For Structural Bird Control
IBC aims to suppress bird populations by implementing processes that train birds to land somewhere else. Maintaining pressure on the bird population with pain/consequence methods will teach birds to find another target area.

Flock Free's IBC system for structural is designed around six basic components

  • Evaluate Variables
    Target birds, population levels, nesting or loafing, size of project, difficulty, solutions
  • Preventive Measures
    Remove or reduce issues such as existing food and water sources if possible
  • Clean Up and Sanitize
    Thoroughly clean and sanitize area affected areas
  • Implement control methods
    Install multi-dimensional pain/consequence program
  • Monitor
    Find any weakness in initial program and refine while monitoring population reduction
  • Follow up Services
    Determine the frequency of follow up services – Usually based on area bird pressure and sensitivity of facility needs or audit requirements