We protect your property from pigeons, geese, seagulls, and other birds in the most efficient and harmless way.


Why may you need this?

1. Droppings/Debris.
When your workplace, parking lot, warehouse, store, restaurant, or lawn becomes contaminated with bird feathers, leftover seed/shells, or droppings it can look untidy and disgusting. Let’s be honest and direct: bird shit is no fun.
This may drive your customers away and create an awful working environment for your employees.

2. Diseases and Work Safety.
Birds are carriers of dangerous diseases and mites: both their own and human. Ornithosis, avian flu, salmonellosis, yersiniosis, campylobacteriosis, Newcastle disease, a variety of allergies, encephalitis, tuberculosis – these are just a small part of the diseases being carried by birds.
They may easily contaminate your products and cause severe health damage to your employees. This may even lead to the closure of your business by authorities or to multi-million claims and fines.

3. Direct Damage.
Birds need food and shelter, and they won’t stop at anything to find it. They will eat your merchandise or food materials, they will destroy packaging, and they will cause physical damage to your property.
We’ve seen woodpeckers making holes in walls, and sparrows destroying insulation and tearing apart decorative wreaths to make their nests. Birds are cute but they may be really destructive.

How to keep the birds away from your property?

Birds are smart, extremely mobile, and very persistent. If birds have food and a place where they feel safe – they always return.

To keep birds away, you need to:

1. Remove access to food and places for nesting.
2. Create an uncomfortable environment, providing permanent (this is important!) pressure.
3. Train the birds to keep away from your property.

Doing this, it’s important to keep in mind:

1. There is no “one and only” ultimate universal solution that works for all species of birds in all situations.
Implementing a combination of deterrents and experimenting with various options is the best way to gain results.

2. There are no instant wins.
Birds are very persistent and mobile. If you drive them away, they will return soon, unless you apply long-term repelling measures.
It’s a long fight, but if you are smarter and more persistent than birds, you will eventually win.

3. You have to keep permanent pressure on the birds.
Your goal is to create a place that is always uncomfortable for birds: by removing access to your property, by eliminating food sources and places for nesting, and by using deterrents that make birds feel uncomfortable in the area.

What to do exactly?

1. Prevent birds from accessing your premises by closing openings with netting and/or by using deterring systems at the entrance points (shipping docks, etc.).

2. Close holes in the walls and places that may be used by the birds as shelters and nesting places – use grids, mesh, nets, and other physical barriers.

3. Close access to food, edible materials, and garbage with nets or curtains.

4. Make horizontal beams, pipes, and ledges unusable for birds by installing spikes, shock systems, electromagnetic deterrents, or bird gel, so the birds can’t land on them and seat on them.

5. Clean! Remove nests as soon as they are built to prevent birds from settling on your property. Clean surfaces from birds’ poop regularly – the droppings are not only a source of dangerous diseases and disgusting appearance, but they also contain pheromones that attract new birds.

6. Apply bird repellents and deterring systems (such as Flock Free Tank Mix, Sonic Net, or Flock Off electromagnetic deterrent). This makes your property a place that is always uncomfortable for birds. So, they will leave, and new birds will not come.

7. Adjust and repeat. There is no “silver bullet”. Each bird species requires a different approach in different situations. Watch what works better, and use it again and again. Adjust measures and application conditions. It’s a long run but it’s rewarding.
And you always can find a shortcut with our help.


How does Flock Free Bird Control may help you?

1. Flawless installation of bird netting, spikes, and other physical barriers – experienced teams nationwide.

2. Comprehensive adaptable bird proofing: full-cycle bird control or just some parts of it required on your particular property.

We prevent birds from coming to you by using a range of physical barriers and various automatic deterrent systems requiring low or no attention from you.

3. Professional cleaning with specific targeting on bird-related dirt and damage.

4. Consulting and training. You don’t have to hire us if you already have your own team of technicians. We may teach you how to keep birds away from your property.

And we can help your existing pest control provider to solve your bird issues by subcontracting or consulting.

5. Efficient bird control products. We have over 250 highly-efficient bird control products for every situation, most of which are our own.

Why we?

- 15+ years of experience in commercial bird control projects.

- Over 3000 locations served – from small family-owned restaurants to huge nationwide retail chains and industrial complexes.

- More than 250 efficient bird control products and unique solutions.

- Our trained teams are available nationwide.

- One point of contact for corporate staff, with a local project manager for every site.

- Great customer service and reporting in formats convenient to you and your company.

- Unlike many others, our solutions do work. It’s that simple.

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