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Liquid Products

Flock Free Bird Control carries a variety of different liquid products from bird repellents to bio gel cleaning products. All items are top quality and come highly recommended by the staff at Flock Free.
Website prices reflect retail pricing. If you are a Resale Business or Pest Control Company, please visit our request for dealer pricing page.

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Tank Mix Kit (1 gallon of Tank Mix + 2 pints of InvisiDye)
Tank Mix - Residential Kit
Flock Free Mosquito Spray, 4 oz concentrate
Tank Mix Ready Spray - Ready-to-use Bird Deterrent
Natural Mosquito Control Ready-to-Use Spray, 32oz
“Pest-Away”: Mice, Spiders, Ants Repelling Peppermint Spray, 16 oz
Tank Mix Bird Repellent Concentrate, 1 gallon
Mosquito Control Spray Concentrate, 1 gallon
Surface Protecting Bundle – UV-Paint Dauber and Surface Pro Gel
Funkk Off – Natural Odor Eliminator for Sports Equipment & Gear
Scent Pucks
Tank Mix Spray Rig
Scent Dispenser
Surface Pro Surface Protectant - Case of 12 10oz Tubes
ECObird 4.0 Gallon
Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer 5 Gallon
Backpack Sprayer 5 Gallon and XL Wand
Replacement XL Wand
Flock Off UV Paint Clear 1 Quart
Flock Off UV Paint White 4 Ounce Dauber
Flock Off UV Paint Clear 4 Ounce Dauber
Flock Off UV Paint White 1 Quart
Flock Off UV Paint Clear 1 Gallon
Flock Off UV Paint White 1 Gallon