Flock Free strives to make the process of buying and returning our products easy and convenient for all customers.
We have very simple instructions regarding the returns of our products and related refunds.

If you buy our products on our website or on Google for use in your own home or business, the following rules apply:

1. If you’ve bought our products by mistake or you just don’t need them anymore, you may return unopened and unused products within 30 days from the delivery date.
We’ll refund the price of the products but not the shipping costs.

2. If the product is not defective and you’ve opened the packaging and/or used the product, you can’t return it.

3. If the product is defective, you may return it to us within 30 days from the delivery date (or within the warranty term if it’s applicable and it’s longer than 30 days).
For defective items, you’ll receive the refund of the price of the product and shipping costs or we’ll send you a replacement product.

4. In any case, return approval is required before any return.
To request a return approval, please send us an email at robot@flockfree.com with a description of the situation.
If your return is approved, you’ll receive detailed instructions regarding the procedure of return.

5. To speed up the refund process, please send us the return tracking number at robot@flockfree.com. We’ll refund your money after that. If you don’t send us the tracking number, we’ll refund your money after we receive the product you’re returning.

These rules don't apply if you purchase our products for resale, performing pest control services, other commercial use, and/or if you buy our products offline.
To determine if your order is eligible for return and/or refund in the said cases, please contact Flock Free Bird Control.