Located in Lakewood, NJ, Flock Free is a family-owned and operated business dedicated to the safe removal of birds, mosquitoes and rodents from your property. Flock Free is committed to your satisfaction and takes pride in their humane products and services.


Tom Kaps operated a small cleaning and general maintenance business for over 20 years. After his cleaning company handled a few bird control contracts with success, Tom formed Flock Free with his partner, Paul Rosario, in 2007. In just a few short years Flock Free grew from a small, northeast bird control company to a full-service, international bird control provider. We are based out of an industrial warehouse in Lakewood, NJ. We are proud of how our company has grown and how our name has gained notoriety & respect.

Having come from humble beginnings, we were forced to learn every lesson in the field the hard way. In doing so, we were able to develop a systematic approach to deterring birds, mosquitoes and rodents from commercial properties using traditional methods in conjunction with our unique products and practices. We have experimented with every bird remediation tool on the market thus we can speak from experience as to which methods of bird control work and those which are not cost effective.

After years of research, development and implementation our list of services includes: power washing, property inspection, gap sealing, high dusting, hazer installation, robotic property protection, netting installation and repair, beam clip installation, spiking, low voltage tracking, gel application and removal, Flite-line installation, catch and release program, nest removal and much more.

Flock Free offers a wide variety of products & services that range from simple to hi-tech. From spikes to robots, we can assist you with any pest problem you are encountering. If we do not have a solution readily available, we will find or create one for you using our years of knowledge and our experienced contacts in the industry.


Our passion for customer satisfaction comes from years of being let down by other companies when we used their products and/or services. Delivering cost effective, humane results in a timely manner is important to us. Keeping our customers happy and resolving their problems is what we strive for.

At Flock Free we believe that educating customers and providing realistic expectations is paramount. When we are unable to achieve desired results using established products we develop alternative, humane ways to solve our customer’s bird issues. This quest for perfection is what lead Tom and Paul to design, manufacture and patent their own bird hazers. After creating a multitude of innovative bird and rodent control products they developed a manufacturing division, Make Em Move Manufacturing, LLC. All products manufactured by Make Em Move are green, effective and forward thinking.

We believe managing both the manufacturing component of Make Em Move along with the service entity of Flock Free sets us apart from other bird control professionals. Our familiarity and faith in our products coupled with reliable and experienced service technicians allows us to offer our customers a truly unique experience rarely seen in the pest control industry.

Flock Free cares about the environment as well as the pests we aim to keep off your property. We utilize humane methods and ensure products that are used in populated areas are safe for both non-target animals and people.


Flock Free has assembled the best bird control team in the nation. Come meet the Flock Free Bird Control Team.