Hazers, designed and manufactured by Flock Free Bird Control are automatic systems for the dispersion of bird control deterrents (Tank Mix or Eco Bird) into the air in the form of a thin haze. This makes the repellent very lightweight and allows covering more area with less consumption of the liquids. Also, fine particles of the haze are better absorbed by the birds’ lungs which makes the application of bird deterrents more effective.

And the best part of this – it is a fully automated process! The hazers require very little maintenance, and the refill is usually required only once in 3 months. This eliminates the necessity of regular manual spraying and save your time and money. Just install the hazer, fill it, and forget about your issues with pest birds!

(Do you know that the Hazers may be used with Flock Free Mosquito Spray repellent, too?!)


How do Hazers work?

Birds have a nerve in their beaks called a Trigeminal Nerve that they use for navigation and to find balance during flight. The active ingredients in bird repellents sold by Flock Free irrigate this nerve when birds inhale the haze or vapors.

This makes the birds feel something like light dizziness and vertigo and make them uncomfortable to fly. So, the birds feel scared and try to leave the area ASAP.

Additional ingredients of the deterrents irrigate birds on touch, on smell, and on taste, enhancing the results.

At the same time, all ingredients are totally safe for birds as well as for other animals and humans around (when used as directed). For people, it’s just a pleasant grape smell.

All Hazers are fully automated, and timer-operated. If needed, the presets may be adjusted to meet the requirements of particular tasks, including a number of factors such as the species and quantity of birds, weather conditions, and property operating schedules.

What species are affected?

In general, the bird repellents of Flock Free work on all birds but some species respond better and faster. It depends on the volume of birds’ lungs and the activity of the birds.

As a rule of thumb, the larger the bird is, the greater the impact because it inhales more vapors and more haze. Smaller birds react better when they are in flight because they inhale much more air (and repellent) when they are flying.

The effectiveness also depends on the species of the birds and their intellect. Smarter birds, like crows and ravens, learn to keep away from treated areas much faster than other, not-so-smart but very persistent birds.

Another important factor is the temperature – the bird repellents work best when the air temperature is over 70 degrees F. For colder conditions, you need to increase the volume of the concentrated repellent in the solution.

You can easily adjust the hazers and the concentration of the active solution according to the desired application conditions and targets. Flock Free Bird Control will help you to find the best settings for your particular situation when you buy our hazers.

Flock Free Hazers are the great bird control tool helping you to get rid of pigeons, seagulls, geese, ducks, starlings, and many other species of birds without harming them.


Do hazers have to run all the time?

With factory presets, hazers run periodically during the whole day, every day, depending on their programs. You can adjust the time of activity and duration of each run period using the automated timer. You can also exclude some days of the week or times of the day if you don’t have bird activity during such periods.

For suggestions on the specific adjustments, please contact Flock Free Bird Control for advice based on bird species, timer model, location, etc.

Birds are very smart and can detect when haze is present. They also send out scouts to investigate areas to see if “the coast is clear”. If there is no haze detected, they often may move back in. So, it’s a good idea to continue using hazers even after driving the birds away.

How much area will a hazer cover?

Hazers can cover from an ¼ acre to over 2 acres. It depends on the type of hazer, the wind, the temperature, and the number of birds on your property.

For buildings, retail, residential, and industrial areas, we suggest using one hazer for not more than an acre. For agricultural applications, you may get up to 5 acres with one hazer since these birds are primarily migratory, and once they sense the haze they stay away.

If you are trying to cover exterior doors, use 100 linear feet distance as an average. For example, if you need to cover two exterior doors on the side of a structure and the distance between the doors is 100 feet, one Tweet Zilla in the center should cover both doors. If the distance is greater than 100 feet, you’ll need a unit for each door.

What maintenance is required?

Flock Free hazers are made with high-quality parts (copper, brass, heavy-duty plastic, steel) and will last a long time. We have designed the hazers to be relatively maintenance-free.

Usually, you need to refill the tank and clean the nozzles (very simple) once in 3 months. In areas with cold winters, additional winterization may be required.

You can perform the maintenance by yourself or with a help of your usual pest control provider. But if you need our help, Flock Free has service teams that can perform maintenance works nationwide.


Where do you place a Hazer?

In general, you place a hazer where birds will either fly through the haze or the breeze will carry the haze to the area where the birds are active. The wind is your friend when hazing! Over time, the wind will change direction and move the haze around. Try to determine the “primary” wind direction and place the hazer upwind when possible.

When attempting to haze birds in flight, the hazer should be mounted at 6 feet or higher. This allows the haze to rise above the heads of people and still reach the birds. If you are trying to haze birds that are primarily on the ground (like geese), the hazer will need to be placed on the ground to keep the haze as low as possible for as long as possible.

How long do they take to work?

It depends on a number of factors: species of the birds, presence of food sources and places for nesting, weather conditions, location of the hazers, timer settings, etc.

Sometimes, you can see the effect almost instantly. Sometimes, it may take weeks and months, particularly if you have easily accessible food on your property.

Migratory birds are easier to deter, but nesting birds will hold on to their nesting area very long. That’s why it is important to start hazing before the active bird season and continue it all the time, without interruptions. Sometimes, you’ll need additional bird control measures and devices to reach the desired goals and safely drive the birds away.

There are many variables that can speed up or slow down bird control processes, and you need a lot of experience and knowledge to consider all of them. But do not worry, we got your back!

Flock Free is always ready to help you to achieve the best results. We will recommend you the best options and the best products for your particular situation.

Do not hesitate to contact us! We will help you.


Can hazers harm humans or birds?

No, if you use the active liquids bought from us. Our liquid bird repellents are natural-based and safe for birds and people when used as directed.


Can you use a hazer as the one-and-only silver bullet for all bird control issues?

Yes and no. In many cases, even one properly installed hazer can dramatically decrease the number of birds on the site.

But birds are different and very mobile. If one specie of bird leaves your property, other species may appear the next day. Something works better for one type of birds and worse for another one.

It’s always better to use a complex of bird control measures and deterrents adjusted to your particular situation, requirements, and location. We are glad to advise the best option for you. We never try to oversell you something, we propose you options that we believe are the best and required for your situation.


What hazer should I choose?

We have a range of hazers and misting systems for various situations. They differ by coverage and application conditions.

In general, for indoor applications and around buildings, we usually recommend Tweet Zilla. For open-air applications – Moby or Mini Solar Hazer, depending on the access to the power supply.

For some applications, Misting Systems may work better than hazers, for others, hazers will do the best job.

If you are hesitating with your choice or if you need any advice or assistance, please do contact Flock Free. We will help.