Flock Off Electromagnetic Bird Deterrent System


- Safe and highly-effective bird repelling system based on electromagnetic principles (see details below);
- Works on virtually all types of birds;
- Designed to protect surfaces from landing and nesting of birds. A great solution for roofs, beams, pipes, fences, store signs, billboards, solar panels, etc.;
- Totally safe for birds, people, and animals;
- Easy to install and use, requires almost no maintenance, very low power consumption;
- Made in the USA;

What is it?
The Flock Off system is a revolutionary, high-tech, and humane solution to stop birds from landing on structures immediately and permanently.
Flock Off helps eliminate the costs, risks, health hazards, and damage caused by birds once and for all!
Conceived by a quantum physicist in 2009, and developed by experts in Ornithology and Entomology, Flock Off uses applied science to disrupt the actual migratory physiology of birds with a tuned electromagnetic pulse only felt by birds.

How does it work?
When birds fly near the active system, Flock Off disrupts a key protein in their bodies used to navigate. It affects mineral crystals present in their beaks and wave receptors in their ears, eyes, and brain.
This momentarily halts their ability to judge speed, direction, and distance. The birds experience what humans might feel as "vertigo" within 5 feet of the system and simply cannot land.

How to install?
The system consists of the Reactor that generates the electromagnetic pulse, capacitors, and connecting wires.
You should install the capacitors every 5-6 ft along the surface you’d like to protect from birds. The capacitors may be installed on screws, magnets, or clip-on clamps. Then, you connect all capacitors together with the wire, connect the wire to the Reactor, and plug it into an electric outlet. That’s it.
Please see the video instructions on the installation process below.

Is it safe?
Flock Off was recently studied by the University of Arizona. Their published findings show a virtually 100% efficacy rate for bird abatement while simultaneously doing no harm to the birds.
Flock Off system has also received Electromagnetic Compatibility Certification, meeting requirements for compliance both to the US (FCC) and EU (CE) regulations. Conformity certificate #18-IEx-1084.199.
Flock Off is totally safe for people and animals if it’s being used according to the operating instructions. Also, it will not create electromagnetic interference with other systems and devices.

Is it effective?
The birds find it very difficult to overcome the unpleasant feeling caused by electromagnetic pulsation. They either stay away from the protected surface or leave it as soon as they land.
The best thing, it works on the birds every time, and they can’t get used to this system. They will feel the same unpleasant feeling every time they approach the system and they just can’t stand it.
The demonstration is worth a thousand words. So, take a look at the video below or on our YouTube channel and see how birds react to the FlockOff system.

What’s included?
The price includes everything you need: the Reactor, capacitors, wires, and stretching springs for the wire.
1 system covers up to 600 linear feet of the surface. If your surface or perimeter is longer, you may combine several systems together.
Please contact Flock Free if you need any additional information or any questions.


This product can be shipped within the United States only. If you'd like to buy this product in any other country, please contact Flock Free.