Flock Free Bird Repellent Spray Concentrate, 32oz


Flock Free Bird Repellent Spray Concentrate for Bird Control, 32 fl oz.

- ECONOMICAL: Makes up to 16 gallons of ready to use product!

- SAFE: All-natural formula! Safe to use around people, pets, and livestock when used as directed. Does not hurt birds, just makes them uncomfortable so they leave the area. Does not harm trees, plants, or lawns.

- EFFICIENT: It’s a unique visual, taste, smell, feather, and beak nerve irritant. Professional strength formula. Proven results by years of successful use in hundreds of commercial locations. Now available for residential use.

- EASY TO USE: Just mix with water and spray on the surfaces that you’d like to protect from the birds! You can use any manual, electrical or gas-powered sprayer or fogger.

- WORKS GREAT ON A VARIETY OF BIRDS AND PROPERTIES: Pigeons, seagulls, ducks, geese, sparrows, crows, jackdaws, rooks, magpies, starlings, swallows, blackbirds, woodpeckers, and many more.   Great for homes, barns, docks, roofs, lawns, stores, restaurants, production sites, parking lots, etc.

Removing birds from open areas has always been a challenge since they just fly and land in the next area that doesn't have control measures. Flock Free Bird Repellent Spray is having amazing results with proper application protocols.

It dries clear but it is a visual, scent, and taste deterrent to birds.

It is easy to apply - simply dilute with water and spray using any sprayer. Can be sprayed on trees, bushes, buildings, pipes, beams - anywhere you see bird activity.

Directions for use:
Mix contents thoroughly. Put 2 fl. oz. of the concentrate to 1 gallon of water and mix thoroughly.
For geese and ducks: mix 6 fl. oz. per 1 gallon of water for the first application, then 2 fl. oz. per 1 gallon of water for next applications.

Spray once a week for 4 weeks then monthly as needed.
The goal is to keep constant pressure on the birds so they decide to move somewhere else.
The results are becoming visible after 4-8 weeks of regular application.

Natural non-toxic ingredients:
Active: Corn oil, peppermint oil, white pepper, garlic oil, clove oil, rosemary oil, thyme oil, sodium chloride.
Inert: isopropyl alcohol, soap, pomace.

 This product can't be shipped to Connecticut or Indiana.