Transparent Shock Tape 54 Foot Roll


Shock Tape is a cost-effective, easy-to-install and efficient electric shock system available for bird control.

The tape is transparent upon removing blue backing. Transparent tape does not stand out as an eyesore. The system can be powered by a solar or 110-volt plug-in charger.
Emits a non-harmful, static-like shock that frightens the birds. Birds associate the static-shock with the location and fly away.

Pliable metal leads bend to stick to any surface.
Shock Tape is watertight and weatherproof. 
Interior/exterior installation. Great for beams, ledges, pipes, sign, etc.

Ready to use upon delivery and easily installed. For porous surfaces, apply silicone spray or adhesive before installation.

Straight and angle connectors available to keep your charge going longer and make turning corners a breeze and the Sign Clip makes bird proofing signs easy.

For best results, use in conjunction with Flock Off! UV Reflective Paint and Flock Reflectors.

Deterrent Type Shock System
Coverage 54' per roll
Dimensions 1,5" W x 54' L
Weight 2 lbs
Power Solar or 110-volt plug-in charger
Installation Unpeel backing, stick and smooth with roller
Installation Requirements Solar or 110-volt charger, Shock Tape Straight Connector, Shock Tape Angle Connector. For signs: Sign Clip Connector
Warranty 3 years