Bird Control Tips for Apartment Buildings and Property Managers

Tom Kaps
Apartment complexes and property managers are in desperate need of effective bird management. These industries manage so much square footage that high-dollar spiking jobs and netting programs that just shift the birds to the next open area. Avitrol programs if done correctly are getting more and more labor intense driving cost up and not providing immediate control. Managers of these properties are frustrated not only with the price but with the lack of overall success.

Guaranteed Bird Control for Vineyards for 2017 Season

Mohan U
Bird damage is a persistent problem faced by fruit growers. The economic impact of bird damage and the value of bird management are poorly understood, particularly for fruit crops. The average annual economic impact of bird damage to wine grapes in MI, NY, OR, WA, and CA was $126 million with a loss of 1,648 jobs

Starlings -Bird Problems in Dairy Barn Solved by Flock Free Bird Control

Mohan U

In January this year we received an inquiry from the Midway Dairy in Declo, Idaho regarding a severe starling problem in their barns. These barns are nearly ¼ mile long and over 100 feet wide and the roof structure is made from steel I-beams giving the birds a perfect roosting area along nearly every horizontal inch of steel. The owner, David Garrett, had measured the area and was estimating the flock at close to 200,000 birds. 


Don Wiggins
Wildlife encounters increased sharply between 1990 and 2014, according to a report jointly published in August by the FAA and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Some of that increase likely results from streamlined reporting procedures (reports have been collected online since 2001), though increases in bird populations (birds account for 97 percent of all wildlife collisions with aircraft).