Methyl Anthranilate and Why Does Flock Free Bird Control Use It for St

What is Methyl Anthranilate and Why Does Flock Free Use It?

Methyl Anthranilate is the backbone of two of primary integrated bird control programs of Flock Free Bird Control. The use of Hazers relies on (MA) to continue to keep the pressure on birds that want to keep coming back. Methyl Anthranilate is used for the humane and effective dispersal of pest birds in open spaces.

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Flock Free Bird Control's success with MA comes from our inventing Hazers that break up the MA oil based solution into small particles that are lighter than air and are set on timers to release the correct amounts at regular intervals. The result of keeping constant pressure on target birds increases the success rate. Since the MA haze is invisible to birds, visual deterrents are an important and essential addition to any integrated bird control program to allow the birds to associate the visual with the pain they receive from MA.

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MA is used as a fragrance or flavoring in many types of foods including; soda, ice cream, candy, and gelatin. It comes from natural sources such as Concord grapes and the blossoms of gardenias and jasmine. Methyl Anthranilate, or MA, and soybean oil. MA exceeds US Food Chemical Codes (FCC) specifications and is classified as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS).

In general, all birds are affected by MA but some species respond better and faster than others. The amount of irritation is dependent on the amount the birds inhale so the first general rule is that the larger the bird the greater the effect. The second general rule is that birds in flight are more highly affected since their respiration is much higher when in-flight. Larger birds like geese do not have to be in-flight because they inhale more of the product.

MA has been studied by numerous Universities and Government agencies for decades all with varying results due to application methods and percent of dilution. The reason MA works well on birds is it stimulates the trigeminal nerves in the bird’s beak, eyes, and throat, resulting in a painful stimulus. Birds dislike like MA and will avoid it.

Methyl Anthranilate is an excellent alternative for Avitrol to move birds out of large open areas for companies that want to move away from the liabilities of using a restricted use avicide. Methyl Anthranilate also can be effective immediately for loafing/resting birds to prevent them from taking up residence where Avitrol requires multiple pre-baiting visits prior to introducing.

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