Bird Netting Flange Clips 5/16" Pack of 100


Provides a solid perimeter and support foundation to which all types of bird netting can be fastened. 

Cable Guides
Hardware designed to keep the cable close to the installation surface and prevent gaps between the surface and the bird netting.

Black oxide coated spring steel hammer on flange clips. No-drill hammer-on flange clips used as Cable Guides. Fits steel flanges up to 3/4" thick. 3 sizes to choose from

Stainless Flange Clip fits 1/8-1/4 flange
Stainless flange clip fits 5/16-1/2 flange
Stainless flange clip fits 9/16-3/4 flange

To ensure you have a proper estimate for your netting project, please call our netting specialist Paul Rosario at the Office – 732-987-5400 or Toll-Free - 877-935-6250.
Paul can help with netting sizes, anchoring devices, and shipping amounts.