Bird Netting Turnbuckles Stainless Steel Small Pack of 10 - BIRD CONTROL - FLOCK FREE
Provides a solid perimeter and support foundation to which all types of bird netting can be fastened. 

Turnbuckle hardware is used to connect the cable to the corner hardware, turnbuckles and the netting mesh.

HD Stainless Steel Hook & Eye Turnbuckles for tensioning Net Cable.

Turnbuckles SM    Stainless Turnbuckle Small - 3/16 x 3-1/2
Turnbuckles M      Stainless Turnbuckle Medium - 1/4 x 3-1/2
Turnbuckles LG    Stainless Turnbuckle Large - 5/16 x 4-1/2

To ensure you have a proper estimate for your netting project, please call our netting specialist Paul Rosario at the Office – 732-987-5400 or Toll Free - 877-935-6250.
Paul can help with netting sizes, anchoring devices and shipping amounts.