ECObird 4.0 - 1 Gallon


EcoBird 4.0 is an oil-based Methyl Anthranilate (MA) bird repellent used in Flock Free Hazers as the active ingredient in the invisible haze distributed by our hazer units.

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MA is a United States Food and Drug Administration (“USFDA”) registered grape concentrate commonly used as a flavor additive in food products such as grape Jolly Ranchers and Kool-Aid. The amount of MA emitted by Flock Free Hazers is a fraction of that contained in common household foods. For example, a grape Jolly Rancher contains 200 parts-per-million of MA. The haze emitted by Flock Frees Hazers contains only 5 parts-per-million. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) exempted MA from the requirement of a tolerance, and it is now a common bird deterrent in agricultural development.

Ecobird 4.0 is manufactured by Roth Chemical

How It Works

MA has a pleasant grape aroma to humans. When inhaled by birds, however, MA nano-particles irritate the bird receptors associated with taste and smell. While not harmful, the MA causes enough of an unpleasant reaction to make birds want to leave the area. It only takes a small amount of MA to provoke a reaction in birds. On average, two ounces of MA solution per day are enough to keep birds away from approximately two acres of property, depending on the frequency and duration of disbursement.

Birds breathe up to 30 times faster when they fly. Therefore, the best time to expose birds to MA is when they are in flight entering and leaving the property. A rooftop is a prime location for a Flock Free Hazer because birds must fly through the haze in order to get onto the property.

When birds fly through and inhale the MA haze, they will experience an immediate disorientating reaction. Since the haze is virtually invisible, birds cannot figure out why they had an adverse reaction to flying over the property. Some birds may continue to scout the property to test if the site is still causing an unpleasant reaction. 

Please refer to our IBC program for best results

EcoBird Repellent 4.0 contains 40% MA and is ready to use without any mixing or dilution. 40% MA is the highest concentration on the market.

It is environment-friendly and safe for people, pets, plants, and birds when used properly together with Flock Free Hazers.

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