Funny Bird-Shaped Cloth Face Mask, 2 pack: 1 Green + 1 Blue


Funny Face Mask, Bird-Shaped Cloth Face Covering, 2 pack - Yellow

  • Helps you follow CDC guidelines and comply with local REQUIREMENTS ON WEARING MASKS in public areas. Please see the important details in the description below.
  • STAND OUT of the crowd with this bright and unusual face mask!
  • Washable, reusable, reflective, CONVENIENT to use. Also helps you keep your face warm during the cold season.
  • LONG-LASTING. Made of high-quality neoprene (96% polyester, 4% spandex). Made in the USA.
  • One-size. Fits most adults. Comfortable to wear. Also available in yellow color.

This comfortable mask made of high-quality materials helps you follow regulations and requirements and protects you from dust and cold air.
Its bright and funny design makes you different from the crowd of black-mask-wearers and highlights your extraordinary personality.
Comfortable to wear and long-lasting. Fits most adults. Easy to wash and dries quickly. Made of high-quality materials and, therefore, long-lasting.

Important notice. These masks are not designed for anti-viral or anti-bacterial protection as well as for protection against micro-particles of dust (such as spray paint). For these applications use only masks specifically designed for such purposes. Our masks help you to protect yourself from regular dust and help protect others from transmitting diseases if you’re sick. However, they won’t protect you in case of contact with a sick person and we do not express any guarantees or make any claims regarding the anti-viral or anti-bacterial capabilities of our masks.

Wash in cold water separately from any other garments. Hand wash is strongly recommended. Let the mask get dry at room temperature. Do not use a dryer. Keep away from fire or high temperatures.