GClean Foaming Hand Sanitizer, 32 oz


GClean is a non-flammable, alcohol-based foaming hand sanitizer.

- Kills 99.99% of germs.

- Contains 70% encapsulated isopropyl alcohol to dry and kill germs and bacteria.

- Moisturizing, long-lasting. Made with organic essential oils to keep hands moisturized.

- Patent-pending Encapsulated Alcohol technology keeps alcohol active and working longer keeping the product non-flammable.

- Foam provides TWICE the number of pumps versus gel – the best value.

- Made in the USA.

Traditional sanitizer is effective upon application but becomes in-effective in 30 seconds, and the consistent reapplication process can leave hands cracked and dry – opening up channels for germs to enter the body.

GClean foaming hand sanitizer is different. It lasts longer than traditional alcohol-based sanitizers and actually moisturizes the skin while killing germs.

Our foaming hand sanitizer uses encapsulated alcohol to kill 99.9% of illness-causing germs and contains essential oils like tea tree and coconut oil to keep hands from becoming dry and cracked.

Apply liberally in palms of hands and rub hands together actively until dry.