Hot Wire L Clip Cap/Base/Screws each


Easy to install L Clips for Hot Wire System allow you to mount beam clips to girders.

L Clips can be mounted using glue or screws. Simply screw a clip in place every 3 feet and run wires through them. Hook up a 110 Volt charger or Solar Charger and you are ready.

Can be used as a standalone deterrent system.

The only tools needed for assembly are a screwdriver and a wire cutter/crimper.

This is an all green deterrent that does not harm birds. A steady static charge provides a slight jolt when birds land on the wires.

Consists of 1 basic clip - Cleap Beam Cap, Base, and Screw. Pieces are polycarbonate and are chemical proof, waterproof, and UV resistant.

Doubles as a physical deterrent similar to Fliteline.

Steel cable will not rust.

The system is easy to remove and reinstall - will last for years and years.

Deterrent Type Shock System
Measurements 1" x 3"
Power Solar or screws
Installation requirements Solar or 110 Volt Plug-In Charger, Beam Clip Wire
Warranty 5 years