InvisiDEER – UV deer control improver, helps you keep deer away, 32oz, Ready-To-Use Spray


InvisiDEER – UV deer control improver, helps you keep deer away, 32oz Ready-To-Use Spray.

This product can't be shipped to Connecticut or Indiana.

  • ENHANCES EFFECTIVENESS of any deer control program by providing a visual cue teaching deer to stay away;
  • Contains UV-DYE: deer see UV-color as a threat because predator fur and human clothes contain UV;
  • Visible to deer but NOT HUMANS. Causes NO VISIBLE CHANGES to leaf or turf color;
  • SAFE, natural, and effective. Contains organic pigment. NON-TOXIC.
Deer, being a part of the food chain are very sensitive to both movement and ultraviolet visuals. UV-visuals are found on the fur of predatory animals and on the clothing of humans. InvisiDEER is a spray that UV-lights up a treated, day or night, with unnaturally bright visual UV.

How to use?
Ready-to-use. Shake well.
Spray around the exterior of your garden, on tree trunks and branches around the area you are looking to protect.
Do not use on edible plants!

Comes with a Reflective Disc painted with UV-paint. You can optionally use it together with the spray, just hang it on a branch of a tree or bush. The movement of the reflective disc combined with the UV-spray will increase the effectiveness even more.