Mini Solar Hazer


Flock Free Mini Solar Hazer is a convenient, economical, and reliable bird control dispenses an invisible haze that is ideal for outdoor remote locations. This invisible haze causes irritation to birds as they fly through.

Mini Solar Hazer can be used anywhere electric power is unavailable and may be easily moved from one place to another.

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    • Portable
    • Outdoor use
    • Reliable and easy to maintain
    • Economical
    • Heavy-duty, aluminum construction
    • 1-year warranty on parts and service
    • Weatherproof
    • Automatic on/off depending on light conditions
    • Proudly manufactured in the USA

    Deterrent Type Hazer for outdoor use in the areas without a power line availability
    Haze Type Heavier haze
    Dimensions 25"x15"x8"
    Weight 55 lbs
    Timer Programmable digital timer with battery backup
    Power 150-watt solar panel, 12V battery, on/off by the timer's settings
    MA Capacity 1 Gallon
    Installation Put at the desired place under direct sunlight, turn on the timer, and the machine will begin to haze. May be installed on a pole (sold separately) or on any other supporting structure (including, on a truck or a golf cart)
    Installation Requirements Sunlight
    Warranty 1 year if the fluid purchased from Flock Free. 90 days if purchased elsewhere
    Other Voltage controller and meter