Misting System


Automated programmable Misting System for Tank Mix Bird Repellent.

Rid your space of nuisance birds once and for all!
This 55-gallon, 26-inch squared Misting System is powerful enough to handle up to 80 nozzles on 1,200 ft of tubing while misting at 300 psi.
Its innovative cube design houses all the components in one compact space, safely and securely under the lid.
The Misting System has a user-friendly multifunctional digital interface that is easy to use.

- Programmable agitation and mist duration settings. It will mist the bird-repelling solution exactly when you need it (e.g. at the night time) without the necessity of manual operating.

- Wireless, long-range remote control for on-demand usage. Mist at any time when you need it without direct access to the system.

- Agitator and daily stir cycles ensure a consistent misting solution every cycle.

- Anti-siphon valve stops the solution from emptying if the tube accidentally gets cut.

- Pressure maintaining valve holds pressure in the nozzle circuit.

- Back-up battery helps keep working for up 2 weeks if the electric supply is lost.

- Optional solar power supply system available (contact Flock Free Bird Control for details).

Fill the tank with diluted Tank Mix Bird Repellent according to its operational instructions.