Flock Free Mosquito and Tick Foam Repellent, 550 ml


Flock Free Mosquito and Tick Foam Repellent is a natural-based, highly-effective, personal mosquito and tick repellent that repels mosquitoes, ticks, and some other insects as well as moisturizes your skin.

A 550 ml (18.3 fl.oz.) bottle.

Produced in the form of foam making it is easy to rub on exactly where you need it. This product doesn’t get into your eyes and on your clothes like aerosol repellents tend to when you spray.

Contains skin-moisturizing ingredients. Pleasant, mild smell & non-sticky feeling once rubbed in entirely.

Made in the United States with plant ingredients and essential oils using proprietary nano-technology formula.


How to use it?

Simply apply it liberally in the palms of your hands and rub it onto exposed skin. Easy to use and long-lasting.


What’s inside?

Natural ingredients. Thyme oil, garlic oil, corn oil, geraniol, clove oil, citric acid, peppermint oil, rosemary oil, and a combination of natural inert and stabilizing ingredients.


Is it safe?

Yes. when used as directed. The active ingredients in this product are known to repel mosquitos, ticks, and some other insects. At the same time, these ingredients are not dangerous to humans, pets, birds, or other animals.

The oils in this product may slightly irritate eyes, mouth, nose, open wounds, and sunburned or damaged skin therefore avoid contact with these sensitive areas. Do not ingest this product.

This product is not recommended for infants because they may be more sensitive to irritating factors. Adult supervision is suggested for children under 6 old.


Does it work?

Yes. We use it ourselves all the time in our backyards, on the beach, and during walks and hikes in the woods.

Additionally, we have noticed that it may repel other flying insects such as flies and greenheads, not only mosquitoes and ticks.


This product can't be purchased in Connecticut or shipped to Connecticut.