Netting Bracket with Rivet, J-Hook Type


Netting helps to prevent pigeons, sparrows, and other birds from perching, feeding, and nesting at your property.

These heavy-duty robust netting brackets of J-hook type made of stainless steel help to reliably secure the netting to the walls, ceiling and other surfaces.

Pre-installed rivets help to install the brackets on their place quickly and easily.

These hooks are convenient to use, easy to install with the relevant professional experience, and they will last for years. They help to avoid a common problem of netting installations when the nets are coming out of their places creating openings where the birds can enter into the protected areas.

The pack includes 100 pieces of J-hooks.

Made in the USA.

Hilti Gun is required for installation!

To ensure you have a proper estimate for your netting project, please call our netting specialist Paul Rosario at the office – 732-987-5400.
Paul can help with netting sizes, anchoring devices, and shipping amounts.

Weight of the pack = 1.95 lb

Overall length of each J-hook = 1 in

Overall width = 1 in

Overall height = 1 in

Color = Silver

Material = Stainless Steel

For use on:  Concrete, Masonry, Metal, Stone, Wood