Roost Blocker


Flock Free Roost Blocker blocks chickens from seating and roosting on feeders/waterers. Designed for chicken farms use or for households keeping chickens.

PROTECTS:  Blocks chickens from seating and roosting on feeders / waterers. Protect feed and water from contamination caused by birds’ droppings and feathers. Provides a cleaner and healthier environment for your birds.

EFFICIENT:  Effective and safe physical protectant working on chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys of all sizes. Also, spikes included in this product can be used to block birds from any area.

EASY TO USE:  Can be used on various surfaces and types of cans. Install in a few moments with the included rubber bands. If needed, use tie straps or screws (not included) for additional durability or to secure on non-standard surfaces. See the installation guidelines in the description below.

DURABLE:  Made with highly flexible, UV-resistant plastic and true 302 stainless steel. Designed in the United States on the basis of many-years bird control experience of Flock Free Bird Control.

ECONOMICAL:  Affordable solution for a bird problem that can save the lives of your birds and your investments in your farm. Great value for money.

Installation guidelines:

Open the spike to its full width (or less, if required by the surface) and insert the rubber band over the last set of spikes on both ends as shown in the photo.
Spread the rubber band (included) over the feeder or waterer and slide down the sides pulling the spike tightly over the top.
If needed, use the tie strap to secure the handle. You can also secure the spikes to surfaces using self-tapping screws (not included) for other types of feeders.

Roost Blocker can also be used on other surfaces as bird spikes and secures with tie straps or screws.