Scent Dispenser


Flock Free Scent Dispenser is a simple & economical device used for repelling pest birds from residential & commercial properties. Designed for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Flock Free Scent Dispensers are a safe and effective way to protect your property and merchandise from damage caused by unwanted birds.

Great for warehouses, restaurants, retail stores, boats, pools, backyards, dumpsters, etc.

Effective for many types of birds including pigeons, sparrows, seagulls, magpies, starlings, swallows, geese, and many more.

How does it work?
Flock Free Scent Dispensers automatically dispense the vapors of Flock Free Scent Pucks over a wide territory, allowing for more coverage than using Scent Pucks solo.

Flock Free Scent Pucks contain a combination of active ingredients that are completely safe for humans, animals, and birds. 

Flock Free Scent Dispensers release a pleasant grape scent to humans however when inhaled by birds it creates an unpleasant feeling (something like dizziness) making them feel uncomfortable and leave the area.

As with most bird deterrents, it doesn’t work instantly. Birds need time to understand that the protected area is uncomfortable and thus potentially dangerous for them. It may take weeks or months to train the birds to leave.  After continuous use of the Flock Free Scent Dispenser, you’ll see that the number of the birds in the protected area has significantly decreased.

The effective range for each device is about 100 sq. ft. For open-air spaces coverage may be greater where the scent can spread with the wind.
Increase the effectiveness by pairing with Flock Free Tank Mix, Flock Free Flock Reflectors and/or Flock Free UV Paint.

How to use?
Open the cover of the Scent Dispenser. Open the lid of a Scent Puck. Place the Scent Puck in the holder in the lower part of the Dispenser. Install the battery in the battery compartment in the upper part of the Dispenser. Close/reinstall the cover of the Scent Dispenser. Place the Scent Dispenser in the area you’d like to protect against the birds (place directly on floor, table, shelf, or hang it on a wall).

Consumables required: