Scent Pucks for Bird Control


Flock Free Scent Pucks are one of the simplest ways to repel pest birds from residential & commercial properties.
For best results use within small enclosed spaces such as dumpsters, retail stores, and warehouses.   A great alternative to any premises when the use of Tank Mix spray isn’t possible.
Flock Free Scent Pucks are a safe and cost-effective way to protect your property and merchandise from damage caused by unwanted birds.
Effective for many types of birds including pigeons, sparrows, magpies, starlings, swallows and many more.

How does it work?
Flock Free Scent Pucks contain a combination of active ingredients that are completely safe for humans, animals, and birds.  
When naturally evaporating, Flock Free Scent Pucks release a grape fragrance pleasant to humans. However, when inhaled by birds, it creates an unpleasant feeling (something like dizziness) making them feel uncomfortable and leave the area.

As with most bird deterrents, it doesn’t work instantly. Birds need time to understand that the protected area is uncomfortable and thus potentially dangerous for them. It may take weeks or months to train the birds to leave. After continuous use of the Flock Free Scent Pucks you’ll see the number of birds in the protected area significantly decrease.

The effective range for each Scent Puck is about 25 sq. ft. The range may be increased to 100 sq. ft. or more if you use Scent Pucks together with the Flock Free Scent Dispenser.

Increase the effectiveness by pairing with Flock Free Tank Mix, Flock Free Flock Reflectors and/or Flock Free UV Paint.

How to use?
Open the lid of a Scent Puck. Place the Scent Puck in the desired place on any even firm surface. That’s it.

Don’t use Scent Pucks in direct sunlight.

One Scent Puck works for about 90 days.

Each package includes 2 Scent Pucks.

This product can't be shipped to Connecticut or Indiana.