Sonic Net Directional Speaker


Sonic Net Directional Speaker

Flock Free Sonic Net System projects a white-sound beam on the same frequencies that birds use to communicate with each other.
This prevents birds from sharing information about food and danger. It makes the birds feel very uncomfortable and they leave the area after some time.

- Directional Speaker: Convenient for populated areas or near people and customers, e.g. in retail stores or on the roofs of residential buildings;
- Capable of targeting a specific bird species;
- Provides long-term protection because birds do not habituate to Sonic Nets;
- Chemical-free solution, safe for the environment;
- Worldwide-compatible power supply (100-240V), may be solar-powered with 24V solar system (not included), fully CE- compliant;
- Proven efficient after a number of scientific researches and many real-life applications at farms, retail stores, plants, and residential locations;
- Proudly manufactured in the USA.

- 4’ W x 12’ L directional sound beam
- 85 dB output @ 1 kHz
- 25W max power draw
- Size: 16” x 16” x 1.4”
- Weight: 4.5 lbs
- Built-in microSD player
- Fully CE compliant
- Worldwide power supply: 100-240V, 50/60Hz

 A weatherproof Protective Cover is strongly recommended for all outdoor installations.