Sonic Net (plug-in)


Flock Free Sonic Nets are sound devices completely different than other sound bird deterrents on the market.

Sonic Nets use a different approach. Instead of imitating the sound of predators, the Sonic Net generates a very loud white sound on the same frequency birds use to communicate.
Because of this, the birds can’t speak to each other and share information about food and danger. This inability to communicate makes birds feel uncomfortable and they leave the area after some time.

Sonic Nets may be used as a replacement for propane sound cannons, too. Sonic Nets may produce the same loud blast sound as propane cannons but don’t require any propane. This means, no need to watch the level of consumables, no additional work costs to replace the tanks and no dangerous flammable consumables. The same efficiency with fewer headaches.

  • Capable of targeting a specific bird or animal species;
  • Chemical-free solution;
  • Optional solar power supply;
  • Almost no maintenance required;
  • Weatherproof, works within a wide temperature range;
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA.

The coverage of each Sonic Net is 5 acres but when you use several of them together creating some kind of sound network the coverage of each unit increases because of the cumulative effect.

Proven efficiency:
Sonic Nets were used in a test with Sakata Seed. On a 10-acre test site, Sonic Nets were installed on the front 5 acres where the bird pressure was the highest. The other 5 acres were separated with Flock Free Bird Boppers to segregate the front 5 acres from the back 5 acres. The system was running from dusk to dawn during the seed growing and harvest. The 5-acres area with the Sonic Nets produced 53% more seeds (once again, 53% more!) than the 5 acres “NOT” protected with Sonic Nets.

Two power supply options are available:
- a 110V plug-in version (THIS product) for use in places where the electrical connection is available (such as roofs, retail stores, warehouses, small farms, etc.)
- a fully-autonomous solar-powered version for use where there is no electricity available (farms, orchards, vineyards, fish farms, etc.) - find this model here.

To increase effectiveness you may pair with Flock Free Hazers and/or Flock Free Tank Mix however the Sonic Net may be used as a stand-alone bird repellent, too.

Here is the video about the application of Flock Free Sonic Net in an orchard: