Surface Pro Tack – Liquid Spikes - Surface Protector - 1 qt


Flock Free Surface Pro Tack is a revolutionary product for efficient bird control. It is a liquid plastic that dries tacky and stays tacky. It’s a great alternative to bird spikes, gels, and other surface protection measures.

How it works:
Flock Free Surface Pro Tack provides a tacky surface that is pressure sensitive.
Birds hate the sticky feeling on their claws because they think that they’re trapped. When a bird lands on the treated surface it feels the tackiness which makes the bird scared and the bird flies away.
At the same time, the tackiness of the Surface Pro Tack is not enough to really capture the bird and, therefore, it is harmless for birds.
There is NO transfer once the product dries. Nothing will rub off onto your hands, clothing, birds’ feathers, or anything else that comes in contact with the product.
It is simple, easy-to-use, cost efficient, and very effective – it’s a real revolution in bird control!

How to use:
Just apply to any surface you’d like to protect from birds landing on it. Use any brush, roller or paint sprayer to apply the product the same way as any paint.
Apply 3 layers letting the product dry 1-2 minutes between the layers.
For best results, apply Flock Free UV-paint before applying Surface Pro Tack and spray Flock Free Tank Mix on top of the surface once a week for 3-4 weeks.

See VIDEO below for detailed instructions and demonstration.

Where to use:
Use anywhere where you need to protect a surface against birds landing or sitting on it. Use on beams, ledges, tops of fences, pipes, and any other surface.
Great for both indoor and outdoor use. Can be used in areas where food is prepared and served.
The product is heat resistant, cold resistant & water resistant.

For best results, in areas with extreme weather or dust, we suggest touch up applications once a year.
NOTE: When the product gets wet or when temps drop below 10 degrees Fahrenheit, it may temporarily lose some tackiness. Once surface dries and as temps rise above 10 degrees it becomes tacky again.

Proudly manufactured in the USA.

See the video below for details and application recommendations.

Deterrent Type: Pressure sensitive plastic
Application: Brush, roll or spray
Coverage: 1-quart can = 100 square ft., 1-gallon can = 400 square ft.
Application: 3 coats, let dry 1-2 minutes in between coats.
When dry, finish will have a slight sheen.
Installation requirements: Clean dry surface and above 40 degrees F.
Weather-resistant once dry.
Recommended: Apply one coat of Flock Free UV-Paint before applying Surface Pro Tack.

Size: 1 Quart