Tank Mix Kit
Tank Mix Kit Tank Mix Kit Tank Mix Kit Tank Mix Kit Tank Mix Kit

Tank Mix Kit includes 1 gallon of Flock Free Tank Mix and 2 pints of InvisiDye.


Tank Mix Liquid Solution for Bird Control

Moving birds in open areas have always been a challenge since they just fly and land in the next area that doesn't have control measures. Flock Free's Tank Mix is having amazing results with proper application protocols.

Tank Mix is a visual, scent and taste deterrent to birds that dries clear.

Tank Mix is easy to apply - simply spray onto areas to be treated using an XL Wand and Tank. Tank mix can be sprayed on trees, bushes, buildings, pipes, beams - anywhere you see bird activity with the exception of crops.

Spray Tank Mix once a week for 4 weeks then monthly as needed.

The Flock Free Tank Mix is NOT normally a stand-alone product. Use it in conjunction with other deterrents for increased success or in areas where nothing else can be done like in trees or flower beds.

For product questions or to see if your company or organization qualifies for reduced dealer pricing, please reach out to us on our Contact Us Page.

InvisiDye is visible to birds but not to humans and will give birds a visible cue to avoid treated areas. Use of InvisiDye causes no visible change in turf or leaf color.

The goal is to keep constant pressure on the birds so they decide to move somewhere else.


Ingredients of Tank Mix:

Active: Corn oil 10%, peppermint oil 3%, white pepper 3%, garlic oil 2%, clove oil 2%, rosemary oil 2%, thyme oil 2%, sodium chloride 2%.

Inert: 74% isopropyl alcohol, soap, grape pumace.


Directions for use:

Mix contents thoroughly. Put 2 fl. oz. of Tank Mix concentrate to 1 gallon of water, and mix thoroughly. Mix 1/2 fl. oz. of InvisiDye with Tank Mix.