Flock Free Bird Repellent Spray - Ready-to-use Bird Deterrent


Flock Free Bird Repellent Ready-to-use Spray with Flock Free Tank Mix is a cheap and easy way to get the full effectiveness of Flock Free Tank Mix for spot applications.

This product can't be shipped to Connecticut or Indiana.

- WORKS GREAT on pigeons, seagulls, starlings, sparrows, crows, woodpeckers, jackdaws, blackbirds, magpies, and other small and mid-sized birds. Great for spot protection of your house or small business.
- EASY TO USE: No preparation or diluting is needed. Just turn the cap in “Spray” position, point and spray. That’s it! For maximum protection, follow the Directions for Use (see the description below) and apply repeatedly.
- EFFICIENT: irritates birds in several ways – when they inhale the smell, touch the treated surface, or see the treated area. While it has an irritating effect on birds it is invisible to humans and has no off-putting smell.
- FOR SMALL SPOTS at your home or backyard. Dries clear to human eyes but the birds see it as a danger. To protect larger spaces (e.g. geese on a lawn) use Flock Free Bird Spray Concentrate.
- ALL NATURAL: Made from a combination of plant oils and water. SAFE to use around kids and pets. Can be used indoors, if needed.

How does it work?
This product is an extremely efficient visual, scent and taste deterrent for birds that dries clear.
When birds touch or inhale Flock Free Tank Mix contained in this product (e.g. when they land on a treated surface) they feel an irritation. This makes them leave the area. With time, the birds learn that the treated area is not safe for them and they fly away to find more comfortable places for feeding and nesting.
Made of natural ingredients and may be safely used in areas where humans or animals are present. Although it irritates the birds, it doesn’t harm them and is a “green”, nature-friendly solution.
When this product dries, it’s almost invisible for human eyes but it includes bright micro-particles that are highly visible to birds.

Is it safe?
Safe to use on trees, bushes, crops, lawns, etc.  Avoid contact with eyes, use safety goggles when spraying.
Flock Free Bird Repellent Spray was designed for those users who are looking for an easy, ready-to-go solution for temporary or limited issues with unwanted birds.
Unlike other Flock Free Tank Mix products, Flock Free Bird Repellent Ready-to-use Spray is supplied in the diluted non-concentrated form and includes a spraying device. No need for mixing it with water or finding a sprayer – just point it at the target and spray with the built-in hand sprayer.

Is it EPA-registered?
This product qualifies for exemption from registration with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under FIFRA section (25) b.

How to use?
Spray liberally to areas where birds are active including roosting, nesting, and/or areas of pecking activity.
Turn the tip of the sprayer to the “Spray” position, point the tip to the target area and spray with the built-in hand sprayer.
Spray twice a week for the first 2 weeks, once a week for the next 2-3 weeks, then every 20-30 days, as needed.
The goal is to keep constant pressure on the birds so they decide to move somewhere else.
One bottle treats up to 550 linear ft of surface (depending on spray settings).
Works great on pigeons, sparrows, seagulls, magpies, starlings, swallows, geese, and many more.
Just try it once, see how the birds react and all your doubts are gone.

What’s inside?
Corn oil, peppermint oil, white pepper, garlic oil, clove oil, rosemary oil, thyme oil, sodium chloride (cooking salt), water, isopropyl alcohol, soap, pomace.