Tank Mix Spray Rig


Flock Free Tank Mix Spray Rig includes a powerful gas-powered fan and Misting System for spraying Tank Mix to protect large areas against pest birds.

The blower pushes air at a speed of up to 45,000 CFM. In most cases simply running it at near idle will do the trick.

The fan unit is designed to force air into buildings or enclosed spaces which will allow us to get total coverage of most interior spaces. This unit will also cover large areas of outdoor spaces by simply driving around and taking advantage of the prevailing wind direction. Depending on the direction of the wind, Tank Mix is sprayed for a distance of 100 feet or even more.

Great for office complexes, theme parks, campuses, golf courses, athletic fields, stadium concourses, etc.

The price includes the spraying system only (the V-twin gas-powered fan and Misting System) and DOES NOT include the golf cart. You can install it on your own golf cart, truck or boat.

Alternatively, you can buy a ready-to-go system including a golf cart (please contact us before purchase to get the current price, shipping costs, and the shipping time).