Universal Adjustable Bird Control Spikes, 100 ft


Universal Adjustable Spikes by Flock Free are unique adjustable spikes made to fit a variety of surfaces. We can call them the best bird spikes in the world.

  • Adjustable from 8 inches to 1 inch;
  • Great for large or small birds deterring;
  • Sun resistant plastic, flexible and sturdy;
  • True 302 stainless steel spikes;
  • Easy installation: glue on or screw into place;
  • Flexible base allows for installation on curved surfaces;
  • The only spikes you'll ever need! Eliminates the need to carry multiple spikes to a job and save a place in your truck and your warehouse;
  • Tall center spike for larger birds, such as gulls and crows;
  • Can conform to multiple surfaces;
  • When closed completely, can be used for smaller birds such as sparrows and starlings.

One spike does it all! This makes this product the greatest spikes ever.


Spikes can be used to repel pigeons, sparrows, starlings, crows, blackbirds, grackles, swallows and more.

Can be installed in a variety of locations including homes, garages, rooftops, windowsills, signs, billboards, beams, rafters and more.

Spikes cut down on cleanup and repair costs. They also reduce health & liability risks associated with pest bird infestation.

Eliminate fire hazards caused by birds building nests in vents and chimneys.


Watch the videos to see how pretty it works!