Every year, NPMA gathers thousands of pest management professionals from across the globe to offer opportunities for information sharing, provide access to the latest products, services, and technologies. This year’s PestWorld was in the Pacific Northwest’s beautiful Seattle, Washington.

Our booth this year had three models of our new robot line that caused lots of conversation about the benefits to customers of seven days a week service delivery and consistency of service for larger accounts.

The three models we brought out were:
The Security and Surveillance Robot
The Mosquito Trap Robot
The Bird Control Laser Robot

The staff had a great time discussing all of the potential uses for robots on companies existing accounts and how to propose their uses for possible new business. Visitors were pleased with how affordable robots could be on our lease program that includes maintenance.

As always, all the traditional bird control companies were at the show with very nice displays and plenty of staff members. This amount of coverage for bird control devices invited some very interesting conversations at the Flock Free Bird Control's booth. We spoke with so many people about viewing bird control similar to how they approach insects and rodents by offering frequency programs.

Using Integrated Bird Control processes made sense to owners and managers looking for ways to increase customer satisfaction while creating renewable revenue streams.

The popular products at our booth were;
Hazers for open-air bird control
Tank Mix liquid bird repellent
The Shock Tape Line
The New Balcony Blaster
Ultra Violet Paints and Gels

As usual, it was a great meeting with both old and new friends.
See you next year.

Written by Mohan U

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