Retail store owners have had problems with birds resting on the signs since the first sign was invented. Since the majority of store marquee signs are primarily made of plastic, permanent damage can be caused by bird droppings. Great looking signs are a major advertising source for business owners large and small to attract traffic of potential customers. Every time I see a marquee sign that spikes were used to control birds for loafing or nesting I always think that they traded one ugly for another. The good news is there are better ways.

The video below shows a variety of bird control options that not only work, but are low profile to save the look and feel of the sign. 


Shock Tape works well in many environments, however, as with any electrical shock system, pooling water can short a system out. The system will reactivate itself once dry, but ideally we would like to prevent this from happening.
In wet areas we suggest first laying down a bead of 1/4 inch thick silicone. Carefully apply shock tape over the top of the silicone bead. The idea is to round the shock tape slightly so as to lift up the center aluminum lead. The silicone will lift up the tape to help deter shorting of system and help secure tape to surface

Written by Mohan U

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