Keeping birds from nesting under, around and on top of AC and HVAC systems has always been a problem for property management, apartment groups, and other building owners. Once birds have begun nesting under these units, the accumulation of droppings becomes a major issue. The acidity of the droppings can damage the roofing surface causing water leaks and if the dropping stays dry, the particles can be sucked into the fresh air system. This can introduce the potential diseases associated with bird droppings. 

The usual control method to prevent birds from nesting under the units has been to attach hardware cloth around the system. This works until the AC maintenance person comes out to service the unit and has to detach the control method and doesn't re-attach it. Then the bird problem starts over again.

AC Riser Bird Control System
 At Flock Free Bird Control, we developed the AC Riser system because traditional bird control processes physically attach control devices directly to the AC unit making maintenance difficult. We spoke with AC professionals who expressed a desire for a system which allows them to service the units and keep damaging birds out.

The riser system isn't difficult to install and can be assembled in less than an hour. The center post is adjustable in height and the magnets on the base hold it in place. The plastic balls at the end of each extension pole make the netting easily centered. The chain at the bottom can be wired to the netting or Net-Ringed into place if you have a Net Ring tool. The top of the riser post is pre-drilled to attach the spinning flock reflector so a visual deterrent can be seen by the birds from great distances.

When it comes time for maintenance to the AC unit, the service person just rests the chain and netting to the side they are working on to access the top of the unit. When they are finished, they place the chain back onto the rooftop.

For a business to replace a rooftop air conditioner system can easily run in excess of $10,000 making this system a great value for property managers and apartment groups to have their on-site staffs to assemble. Pest control companies can offer this service to their existing customers as a very effective way to reduce property maintenance cost.
Written by Mohan U

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