Flock Free Bird Bombs (5 pcs)


Includes 5 Flock Free Bird Bombs.

Designed to work with Flock Free Tank Mix or Flock Free Bird Repellent (sold separately).

Flock Free Bird Bombs are a scent repellent which provide a long lasting spot application.

Each Bird Bomb is comprised of highly absorbing material designed to be saturated with Flock Free Bird Repellent.


Easy to use!

Step 1: Soak the Bird Bomb in the Tank Mix or Bird Repellent solution (mix rate is 50% of the concentrate / 50% water)

Step 2: Place the saturated Bird Bomb wherever you need to deter birds from.


Easy to mount with zip-ties or any types of fasteners.


Designed for small, enclosed spaces such as in garbage cans, dumpsters, warehouses and small industrial facilities.


How does it work?

The Bird Bombs cause irritation in birds which suppresses their desire to eat food and creates a sense of danger.