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How To - Programing the Timer on a Flock Free Tweetzilla or Moby Hazer

The video below walks through the steps for setting both the frequency and duration of a Flock Free Tweetzilla Hazer or Moby Hazer for your bird control program.
Terms to know:
Duration - The amount of time you want the hazer to dispense Methyl Anthranilate.
Frequency - The amount of time between active hazing. 

An example would be to set the frequency for 15 minutes and the duration of 30 seconds. This would mean, every 15 minutes the hazer would dispense Methyl Anthranilate. for 30 seconds.

The voice behind the video is Paul Rosario and he does an excellent job explaining the settings.  

Depending on the current target bird species and bird pressure you have at the location will influence both your both frequency and duration. Once your control measures have reduced have reduced the population, frequency, and duration  can be reduced to a lesser maintenance level.

The use of hazers is an effective method for both structural and agricultural bird control. 
As always our staff is happy to answer any questions you may have.
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