Birds can cause massive damage to blueberries crops and the bird species involved varies widely depending on the area of the country. Starlings, robins, grackles, cedar waxwings, crows, ravens, blue jays, orioles, brown thrashers and even gulls are all culprits when it comes to these sweet treats.

Earlier this summer I spoke with a grower in Wisconsin who told me the birds, primarily starlings, were eating well over half his crop to the point where it was driving them out of business.  Unfortunately, it was too late to help this year but he will be ready for next season by starting bird control prior to the crop cycle beginning.

They described to me the products they were using which included the old stand-bys - propane cannons, flashy tape and all kinds of other gimmicky products which they had used with little success in the past but desperation was driving them to try something.

The good news is there are ways to not only drive birds away but cause enough irritation to keep them away. Our years of experience in structural and agricultural bird control has taught us the only way to control birds is through a process we call Integrated Bird Control (IBC). IBC uses a variety of irritants used in combinations to overwhelm the bird’s senses –visual, audio, respiratory and physiological –  that train the birds to stay away. For example, if we prescribe methyl anthranilate dispensed thru a hazer to irritate birds, we also add visual Flock Reflectors to provide visual irritants that the birds will associate with the invisible deterrents.

Bird Control Hazers were developed by Flock Free Bird Control and emit an invisible, lighter than air haze of 40% methyl anthranilate, a food-grade grape extract that is acidic and irritates the trigeminal nerve in the bird’s beaks. Many growers are familiar with a 20% solution sprayed on the crop. Our hazers are very safe and are highly effective.

We have some amazing new technologies we will be unveiling at the World Ag Expo in Tulare in February 2017. Hazers, Sonic Nets, Vortex Generators (VRAD) and Drones will all be on display. Flock Free Bird Control continues working with or developing products that provide positive results.

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Written by Mohan U

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